FAITH Awards 18 FAITH St. John Chrysostom Awards

FAITH Awards 18 FAITH St. John Chrysostom Awards

For over a decade, FAITH has awarded scholarships to the finalists of the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. This year, FAITH awarded 18 scholarships to the festival’s top speakers. This annual festival gives students a local and national platform to write and speak about the impact their faith has in their lives and contemporary culture.

FAITH applauds these young leaders for their ability to skillfully communicate their understanding and appreciation of their identities as a Greek Orthodox Christian and salutes their active participation in programs for the young people of the Hellenic American community.  Their participation in the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival displays the extraordinary scholarly intellect and rationality lauded by their Hellenic ancestors and the cultivation of spiritual growth and maturity which is at the very core of our Orthodox Christian and humanitarian values.

 Congratulations to the 2017 FAITH-St. John Chrysostom Award Recipients:



Stephen Kaelin, Metropolis of San Francisco (1st)

Elisabeth Stamatogiannakis, Metropolis of Atlanta (2nd)

Peter Tsatalis, Metropolis of Detroit (3rd)

Mary Aivaliotis, Direct Archdiocesan District

Nathaniel Nichols, Metropolis of Boston

Eirene Stavropoulos, Metropolis of Chicago

Theodore Gallas , Metropolis of Denver

Joanna Nakas, Metropolis of New Jersey

Evangelos Chrisanthus, Metropolis of Pittsburgh


Victoria Martine, Metropolis of Detroit (1st)

Elizabeth Courey, Metropolis of Atlanta (2nd)

Dean Anagnostopoulos, Metropolis of San Francisco (3rd)

William Kanellopoulos, Direct Archdiocesan District

Alexandra Nichols, Metropolis of Boston

Dennis Polite, Metropolis of Chicago

Alexander Shah, Metropolis of Keller

Konstantinos Nakas, Metropolis of New Jersey

Stefan Bordeianu, Metropolis of Pittsburgh