2017: Year in Review

2017: Year in Review

Dear Friends,

With the gracious generosity and support of our Founders, our thirteenth year advancing innovative educational and cultural initiatives throughout the Greek Orthodox and Hellenic American community was marked by record-breaking participation in our youth scholarship and grant programs. We are pleased to celebrate this year's FAITH program recipients who are notable not just for their academic achievements, but for their deep understanding of their roles as future leaders of our community and world.

In February, the FAITH Travel Grant to Ionian Village Review Committee, chaired by Mrs. Elaine Jaharis, distributed 53 full and partial financial aid grants to young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to travel to Greece and engage in this significant spiritual and cultural experience.
Upon returning home, the grant recipients shared with us a renewed sense of appreciation for their heritage and the Greek Orthodox faith.

As spring turned to summer, we transitioned to one of our Founders’ most cherished initiatives—the Faith Scholarship for Academic Excellence program. Chaired by Dr. P. Roy Vagelos, the FAITH Review Committee awarded 65 scholarships to graduating high school seniors who displayed tremendous accomplishments throughout their education and a commendable spirit of charity and leadership within their community. Each year, the caliber of candidates who apply continues to soar and we applaud the Greek Orthodox Christian humanitarian values they exemplify.

Additionally, 23 previous recipients of the FAITH Scholarships for Excellence in STEM received continuation awards for remaining involved in their Greek Orthodox communities and succeeding academically in STEM fields while enrolled in college.

In other annual programs, we once again funded the FAITH St. John Chrysostom Awards to the 18 top finalists of the St. John Oratorical Festival.

In closing, I want to express my sincerest appreciation to each of our Founders for their continuous commitment and support of the Endowment’s programs. The leadership and influence our Founders impart have had profound impact in the lives of so many young people within our community and has forged a crucial path for this next generation to follow.

Kind regards,
Peggy Nicholson
Executive Director